Who We Are
Vardiola is a pioneer supplier of specialty ingredients for a wide variety of consumer everyday products: Foodstuff, Beauty Care & Cosmetics, Detergent and similar products, Food Supplements, Pharmaceuticals & Injectables.

ONLY specialty ingredients.

We focus only on selected, top quality and novel specialties, and strategically choose not to deal with commodities. This is in line with our promise to offer to our customers innovative, value-added solutions for differentiating products that keep their promises and therefore win consumers' lifelong preference.

Vardiola is not just a commercial company, but rather a consulting one that invests in strong know-how and continuous customer support. We build true partnerships with all our clients, by listening to their needs, thinking together with them, anticipating opportunities and challenges, advising them and co-creating new or better products that we then follow throughout their entire lifetime cycle.

Operating our own, in-house Beauty Care & Cosmetics and Food & Taste Application Laboratories is a true edge in our customer-centric approach, enabling the synthesis of winning frame-formulations.

Trusted partner of choice With such customer-centric philosophy, we have achieved to become the trusted partner of choice for specialty ingredients of many key players in the markets where we compete.

We build trust relationships with ALL our clients.
Our customer-centric philosophy is built on 3 pillars:
A broad portfolio of quality and novel products.
We are enthusiastic entrepreneurs constantly looking for new, better and unique specialty ingredients to enrich our portfolio, inspire and support New Product Development (NPD). The excellent performance of our solutions according to their promises is vital and non-negotiable for us.

Technical expertise
Our Sales representatives, Product Managers and Application Technologists are highly specialized not only due to their academic backgrounds but also the on-going trainings and seminars they follow in-house or at the premises of our international suppliers.

Market awareness
With a long experience in the specialty ingredients field, we stand out for our deep market understanding. Our goal is to "live and breathe" the marketplace and be always a step ahead. Therefore, we regularly visit leading industry exhibitions, for example ISM, CPhI worldwide and in-cosmetics, track global trends and innovations, analyze the local competition and try new products to personally evaluate their claimed benefits.

True consultants
Our clients recognize us as the partner always standing on their side with a "personal professionalism". We are consultants rather than sellers and want to be seen as a lifetime choice rather than an one-stop-shop. We listen to our clients needs, think together with them, challenge each other, advice them and ultimately co-create top performing products for winning brands.

We proactively identify future challenges and promising opportunities, and think for our clients even before them! And in terms of after-sales service, we follow the product through its entire lifetime cycle and support it with relevant adaptations and improvements.

On one hand, we provide a modern library of ready-to-use specialty ingredients. On the other hand, we offer tailor-made solutions based on a full recipe approach (frame formulations).

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