The Magic Of Taste
Have you ever wondered how many different tastes do you experience every day? And now, imagine for a moment: How would your life be without the sense of taste? How much of a flat experience would eating and drinking become? How much would you miss out from the pleasure and even social interaction?

Taste is undoubtedly an unparalleled sense in people's lives for stimulating senses and evoking emotions and memories. It is the No 1 factor why a consumer will want to repurchase a food or beverage product. Globalization, technological revolution and intense competition have made today's consumers more demanding than ever when it comes to taste.

Tasting good
is not enough anymore!

Food and drinks should taste better and different. They may also need to taste authentic or natural, provide a rich mouthfeel, a playful texture, an intriguing sensation. They may be expected to energize, refresh, or comfort. Consumers' such sophisticated expectations make it necessary for Food and Beverage Manufacturers to take Taste seriously and make sure they provide solutions that stand out of the crowd and satisfy their target group utmost.

Flavorings Approach
"We are committed to unlock the mysteries of Taste and deliver delicious taste experiences people enjoy, want to repeat and share".
We exclusively represent a world leading Flavor House to offer top performing and differentiating taste solutions. Every single Flavoring in our range tells a unique story written by a team of the flavor industry's experts combining their talents: Dedicated Researchers discovering novel and most effective molecules, passionate Flavorists, creative Application Technologists, responsible Regulatory specialists and enthusiastic Marketeers and Consumer Insights experts. All Vardiola's Flavorings are described by a proprietary and very precise Sensory Language allowing best guidance during briefing, as well as, profile differentiation.

At Vardiola we understand deeply the complexity of Taste Being the product of smell, basic tastes and trigeminal senses, Taste is a multidimensional and complex perception. At Vardiola we understand Taste deeply and, therefore, we deal with it in a respective holistic way. Depending on our clients' type of challenge, we are able to offer tailor-made solutions that combine the right Aromatic Profiles and Flavor Technologies. A step further, we can complement such Taste Solutions with most suitable Food Ingredients (e.g. fruit preparations, inclusions etc) to achieve optimal frame formulations. Investing in our own in-house Food & Taste Application Laboratory in 2017 is a true edge in our customer-centric Taste approach.

Service model
As part of our service model, we support our clients and share know-how throughout the entire product's lifetime cycle. We also proactively advise on taste profiles in line with local taste preferences and brand positioning, and offer inspiration through latest flavor global market trends and industry innovations.

Flavorings Portfolio
"Let us be on your side to co-create signature taste experiences to delight your consumers!"
Our flavors are key components in many of the world's best-known everyday consumer brands. By partnering with Vardiola you get access to a modern portfolio of Aromatic Profiles and Flavor Technologies, outcomes of creativity, science and market insights. Our portfolio is constantly renewed, bringing global trends to your doorstep, offering new sensorial experiences.

Our Flavorings can be classified according to the following criteria:

- Physical form: Powder, LiquidLegal status (Natural Flavorings, Add-Back/ FTNT, Flavorings)
-Religious status including Halal and Kosher certified
- Level of customisation: From ready-from-shelf to tailor-made
Aromatic Profiles
Flavor Technologies
Aromatic Profiles
Whether you are looking for the profile of an authentic Beef or Chicken, a truly natural Herb, an ethnic Spice, a juicy Citrus, a freshly picked Berry, an indulgent Caramel, Chocolate or Vanilla, or the latest taste hip, Vardiola's palette has it ALL! Our profiles come also in Natural Flavorings.
Flavor Technologies
Discover how AVEL's breakthrough Flavor Technologies can add value to the performance and perception of the taste of your product! Check out our Taste Modulation solutions, Flavor Encapsulation, Emulsions, Sensation Flavors and Seasonings.
Natural Flavorings are a key focus and growing part of our portfolio. Driven by scepticism about what goes into their food, consumers today are increasingly choosing clean label products, with fewer and familiar ingredients and see "all-natural" claims as health credentials. In addition to Natural Flavorings, we offer a full range of Add-Back/ FTNF Flavorings, or else Restoration Flavors for 100% juice. These solutions do not need to be declared (clean-label products) and bring a authentic fruit taste to your product.

Natural tasting aromatic profiles Vardiola invests further in Naturalness by providing truly natural-authentic tasting profiles that are inspired, replicate and/or capture nature. We find such approach essential in today's high competitive environment, where consumers look for tastes as close as possible to those they find in the nature and/or in the original food.
Taste Modulation
Taste is a complex, multi-dimensional perception and the product of smell, basic tastes and trigeminal senses. There are five universally accepted basic tastes that stimulate and are perceived by our taste buds: sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami. Vardiola's Taste Modulation portfolio consists of flavorings that modulate the basic tastes. In combination with Aromatic Profiles, they enhance the overall taste experience of foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals and food supplements. Taste Modulation and Healthy products Taste Modulation solutions are value-added solutions especially beneficial for healthy positioned products, supported by claims like "free-from", "low-in" or "goods-in" (functional benefits). Such products are more and more sought after by today's consumers who are better informed, more health conscious and take care of their weights. However, sugar, fat and sodium play a major role in foods and beverages' taste profile but also in their mouthfeel, texture and look. So, any lack of them from the recipe will eventually cause a flatter taste experience. Vardiola's Taste Modulation solutions rebalance such products' taste profiles and offer enhanced taste experiences to consumers.
Flavor Encapsulation Technology
Consumers today ask for authentic, impactful and long-lasting taste experiences. Also tastes that are consistent at any moment of consumption. At the same time, manufacturers are looking for optimal flavor solutions that are stable, have a long shelf-life and stay effective during processing. However, through food processing and time precious flavor volatile compounds may get lost, flavor impact may diminish and flavor profile may alter.

Vardiola's Flavor Encapsulation Technology is the solution! Vardiola's Flavor Encapsulation Technology provides multiple benefits in terms of flavor profile stability, impact and release but also shelf life and processing of the flavor. Vardiola's Encapsulated Flavors are, practically, flavor delivery systems in powder form, where flavor is protected in special matrices. They are non dusting granules with excellent solubility and mixing properties, as well as, a prolonged shelf-life sometimes up to 36 months! Also, they offer limitless possibilities for a controlled flavor release. These technical features lead to the following unique benefits relevant for a wide range of consumer everyday products:

Are you are looking for a cloudifier to give an authentic visual dimension to your beverage or to replace costly ingredients like milk or juice? Or are you after something to add visual appearance customisation and a better mouthfeel in your high-sugar beverage? Or are you interested in enhancing the taste impact and clean, natural profile of your cloudy beverage? At Vardiola we offer highly specialized emulsions to meet all our clients' needs! Our emulsions are value-for-money, tailor-made solutions that provide a stable cloud system in final products, as well as, high taste intensity, round profile and smooth mouthfeel.
Sensation Flavors
How would a chili pepper taste without the heat sensation? How would Mint taste without the cooling sensation? And how would Cola taste without a buzz-tingling effect? Taste is a complex, multi-dimensional perception and the product of smell, basic tastes and trigeminal senses. Sensation Flavors – How do they work? Vardiola offers a range of Sensation Flavor Technologies that stimulate nerves that carry signals for pain, touch and temperature. Such technology solutions, in combination with Aromatic Profiles provide more Realistic-Authentic Taste Experiences and/or more Sensory Excitement.

We offer a huge palette of Seasoning choices satisfying all applications methods (slurry, dust-on) offering:
  • Natural Flavorings
  • Cheese/dairy based profiles
  • Culinary-cuisine style flavors, like BBQ's, Mediterranean's, Mexican's etc.
  • Use of Flavor Technologies to meet health & wellness trends:
    • Lower sodium, MSG-free, HVP-free, low oil, reduced artificials (clean label).
    • Development of building blocks to blend with commodity ingredients.
Flavor Applications
Our Flavors are suitable for all Food, Beverage, Food Supplements and Pharmaceutical applications:
e.g. bouillons-soups, sauces, condiments, ready-made meals
e.g. chips/ extruded, pop corn, crackers
Sweet Goods
e.g. baked goods, sugar and chocolate confections, chewing gum
e.g. yogurt, milk, cheese, processed cheese, ice cream, desserts
e.g. non alcoholic (soft drinks, juices, nectars, waters, RTD tea/coffee…), alcoholic (beer, liqueurs/ spirits, mixers etc),hot drinks (coffee, tea, chocolate…)
Food Supplements
e.g. vitamins, functional drinks
e.g. syrups
Oral Care
e.g. toothpastes, mouthwashes
Let's discuss your needs and challenges, and identify the right solution(s) for you!
Flavorings- What are they?
Flavorings are substances or preparations that impart or modify a particular taste, smell and/or trigeminal sense (e.g. temperature, texture) in order to induce a desired sensory impression. Today, Flavorings are useful to products far beyond Foods and Beverages, like Food Supplements, Pharmaceuticals and Oral Care products.
Why do I need flavorings?
The ultimate goal for using flavorings is to improve the overall taste perception of a product in order to make it more appealing to consumers. Flavorings do this through several ways:

  • Add a taste signature to your product (= a unique characteristic taste recognized by consumers), and, thus, contribute to your brand's personality.
  • Reinforce your brand positioning through a desired taste perception e.g. authenticity, naturalness, freshness, indulgence etc.
  • Mask unpleasant notes due to the formulation of your product's base, e.g. in pharmaceutical products, food supplements, foods rich in proteins or grains, foods/ beverages with artificial or natural sweeteners.
  • Improve the overall taste experience of healthier, "light" products with low levels of sugar, salt and/ or fat.
  • Replace or restore taste attributes lost during processing, e.g. during baking at high temperatures
In addition, Flavorings ensure consistency in taste profile across all batches and through time.
Seasonings- What are they?
A blend of permitted food ingredients which may contain additives, flavorings and functional ingredients and designed to deliver a complete flavor solution and taste profile.