Mission ∙ Vision ∙ Values
Our Mission
We inspire and deliver relevant product innovation through novel specialty ingredients, strong know-how and excellent customer service.
Our Values
A set of six values are embodied in everything we do: The way we work, interact and build partnerships with all our stakeholders.
Customer Focus
We choose to be consultants rather than sellers. The satisfaction of all our clients is in the heart of our existence.
We love and truly believe in what we do. Passion is the energy that fuels us to go the extra mile and make the difference in consumers' day-to-day moments!
Cooperation, team spirit and cultivation of win-win situations are in Vardiola's DNA. Together we learn more, inspire each other, solve problems faster, grow steadily and co-create great solutions for the world!
We constantly set higher standards. Committed to our Expansion Strategy, we are enthusiastic entrepreneurs and continuously evaluate new opportunities, take calculated risk and expand Vardiola's business activities.
We are curious, out-of-the-box thinkers. We challenge the status quo and openly assess new ideas and approaches to help our clients differentiate and grow.
We are a reliable, transparent partner. We are proud to look our clients straight in the eyes for offering them solutions that keep their promises. And their acknowledgement is our biggest reward!
Our Vision
A world where everyday products win consumers' hearts for keeping their promises and captivating the senses.

To fulfil this vision, we have set the following additional objectives:
Be the No1 choice of our clients, for pioneering New Product Development.
Be the first to receive the brief for our clients' New Projects.
See the products containing our specialty ingredients become the Market Leaders.
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